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Forum Rules

Postby noahturner » Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:26 pm

The following are the rules governing this forum, to be enforced by myself, and potentially moderators in the future. Please exercise common sense in posting, and remember that we are all real-life friends here.

1. All members must register with their real names. Accounts that are not exact real names or well-known nicknames will be deleted. The format is [first][last], with the middle initial permitted in the case of duplicate names.

2. Registering as another person is not permitted, and is enforced with email verification. Should it happen anyway, the offending account will be deleted.

3. Spam is not permitted, and will result in warnings, followed by temporary bans. Here, spam is defined as nonsense posts, paid advertisements, and excessive/overly large images. Posting nudity/gore/shock images will result in a permanent ban.
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